Hi! I’m Nancy, and I’m using this website to record previous articles I’ve written as well as post new ones. I am the first student to take the MA by Research course in Film, Theatre and Television at the University of Reading. I have written for The Oxford Student, CherwellTAKE ONE Cinema and Screen Daily, and I have also undertaken research for Empire magazine. While I have written several articles about television and gaming, my central interests reside in film reviews and essays.

My debut monograph, The Sound of Silence: Ryan Gosling, Expressionism and the Silent Hero in 21st-Century Film, was released in e-Book format in January 2024, followed by a release in hardback in February 2024. The paperback version will be released in September 2025.


Recovery Films ‘n’ Stuff

Had a minor operation recently, and thought I’d provide a list of some of the enthralling activities I got up to while staying in hospital then recovering elsewhere. Which mostly consisted of watching films. But a few other things too.


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