Hi! I’m Nancy, and I’m using this website to record previous articles I’ve written as well as post new ones. I am the first student to take the MA by Research course in Film, Theatre and Television at the University of Reading. I have written for The Oxford Student, CherwellTAKE ONE Cinema and Screen Daily, and I have also undertaken research for Empire magazine. While I have written several articles about television and gaming, my central interests reside in film reviews and essays.

My debut monograph, The Sound of Silence: Ryan Gosling, Expressionism and the Silent Hero in 21st-Century Film, was released in e-Book format in January 2024, followed by a release in hardback in February 2024. The paperback version will be released in September 2025.


Review: If

No, not the one about a genocidal clown who enjoys a good balloon with a side of child murder (It). Also not that one where a group of kids find that odd fantasy creature and go on an adventure (Five Children and It). And it’s definitely not If…, as in the late 60s film starring Malcolm …

Review: Civil War

It’s difficult to separate some actors from their signature roles. Yes, Nick Offerman has knocked the ball out of the park in The Last of Us and numerous other TV shows, but it’s hard to picture him as anyone else apart from the laconic Ron Swanson. When Offerman’s acting as the maniacal POTUS in Civil War, it’s difficult …


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